Personal Chef Services

Cooking for every occasion.

Personal Chef John Derlega offers Washington, DC, area professionals the luxury of nutritious and delicious food prepared from scratch.

Weekly Meals

Eliminate the tedious routine of coming home late from work, puzzling over what to eat, struggling in the kitchen, eating too late, or ordering take-out that is less healthy and expensive. John offers to help busy families, individuals working with dietary restrictions, new mothers, and folks looking to eat more healthfully.

Time is valuable, and time around the table with family is precious.

Every meal is prepared using fresh seasonal ingredients, prepared to your taste in your kitchen. John takes care of all the hassle involved with your weekly meals: he plans the grocery list, does the grocery shopping, packages and labels the food, does the dishes, and cleans the kitchen.

Services start at $95 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Boutique Catering

Fun, flawless and creative.

John works one-on-one with you to carefully curate and serve a private dinner in your home. Hire your own Private Chef for your next special event, an intimate evening for two, or a sit-down dinner for up 14 guests. Also available are hors d’oeuvres and buffet dinners for up to 50 guests. Or bring your outside-the-box ideas, as John loves creating one-of-a-kind memorable meals.

John offers to take the lead with menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and clean up, and can also assist with wine and cocktail consultation, flowers and tablescaping, and those little details that make your special event more memorable.

Services start at $95 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Cooking Classes

You get to keep the memories, recipes and leftovers.

Learn basic knife skills, how to wok, or how to make pasta from scratch. John loves all kinds of food, especially anything ethnic or seasonal, so the possibilities of classes are endless. Enjoy a fun couple hours at home with your dearest relatives or a group of close friends. Eating food you learned to cook from scratch never tasted better. And you get to keep the memories, recipes and leftovers.

Costs vary based on the number of participants and menu.

Kids Parties

The kids create, cook, and eat their own original creations.

Are you looking for that special birthday party idea for the Junior Chef in your home? Up to 10 kids (aged 8-88) are divided into two teams who complete four rounds of competition worth a total of 100 points. Chef John is available to answer questions and provide instruction. Make your food look and taste good, be creative, be safe, and work clean!

The customized menu can be as inventive and healthy as you want. Everyone in a winner in this Junior Chef cooking challenged themed party as the kids create, cook, and eat their own original creations. Fun takeaway gifts for the kiddos can include chef hats and aprons, available upon request.

Costs vary based on the number of kids and menu.

Sample 2-hour party format:

Round I: Smell test

Quickly and correctly identify different ingredients using only your nose.

Round II: Quick fire mystery basket

Incorporate ALL of the ingredients found in a mystery basket into one dish. Feel free to use any additional ingredients provided in the kitchen.

Round III: Main entrée cooking challenge

Learn to follow a recipe and cook the entree recipe and a side or two.

Round IV: Quick fire do-it-yourself dessert bar

Use any of the dessert bar ingredients to make one delicious dish.

Let's set the table.

Need help with weekly meal planning or a special dinner event? An initial consultation is free of charge. Reach out to The District Chef to learn more.